Minchah Prayer 03-18-20

Father, how uplifting it is in times of trouble to witness how many choose to behave with patience and kindness  and helpfulness, when Father the temptation and choice is there to behave with impatience, unkindness and an inward focus, a disregard for others.

How uplifting it is, Father, how attitude changing from despondent or anxious, or cynical, in a time of communal troubles, it is to see or hear kindness and selfless courtesy between folks interacting, in our local public places; “Thank you for your service.” “I’m going to pray for you.” “No. You go on ahead. I’ll wait.” “Here, I’ll give you a hand with that …at a time when seeds of fear are, at best, being unwittingly sown, at worst, being sown to cultivate anger and discord.

Thank You Father that there is a current of hope and optimism that flows along side of the current of fear and discord…both flowing through the community of Your created beings and that there are those who trust in You and those who admire Your ways that choose to be the peace makers, the up-lifters, the truth seekers and those who determine to endure trials and emerge from them on good terms with their neighbors and most importantly with You.

By their choosing they are the blessing, the good, the joy that can be had even in uncertain and threatening times.

Thank You that Your good exists and we can make it our own, and extend it towards others.

May our hearts and efforts be to accomplish good … and see the good that is  and that can be… in the troubles we all endure.

May You be glorified in it all.

We pray in Yeshua’s name,


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