Minchah Prayer 03-11-20

Father draw us into the comfort of Your good and goodness.

You created goodness and beauty in the beginning and desire it for us, that we have it, that we live it, that we be it ourselves.

In Your vast power and ever presence, in Your perfect justness and gracious mercy You desire for us, good. We have only to trust and obey.

In the midst of a world of people with endless agendas and spins on things You are the calm, the constant, the sureness we all need.

In Your ways there is for us, a spirit of confidence and assurance with which we can face, confront and deal with the issues of life that for those who do not rest in You, is absent.

Our concerns and worries, the problems and dangers we see are things we don’t have to live in fear of. They are things we can actively face and deal with to the best of our skill and resources and then having laid it all at Your feet, accepting Your will which is for our good, be at peace.

Thank You so much Father for Your peace. It frees us.

And thank You that, for those in Your will, You turn what is harmful or wrong into good.

You are a forever God, Creator and Father to us. Whatever we experience now is but a labor for that time when You have healed every sickness, restored to wholeness every broken thing, wiped away every tear and replaced it all with eternal and perfect good for us.

Who is like You Oh God, strong to save, faithful to love, finding us in our weakness here falling before Your throne.

Thank You Father for this bright and beautiful and… good new day.

In Yeshua’s name…we pray,


Some words from “Wonderful, Merciful Savior”, sung by “Selah”

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