Minchah Prayer 03-07-18

Yesterday, Father, the sky was high and intense blue, the air cool, the sun warm.

Today there is grey sky of low clouds, the air wet and chilling with no sun to brighten or warm.

How quickly things can change, Father, and they can be for better or worse. For the bright sun in a clear sky can warm comfortably or scorch. The clouds can bring rain that moistens or floods that wash away.

Circumstances change around us Abba. Conditions present for a long time, good or not so good, in a moment can change and with time, seem far away, almost as if they never happened.

One moment we walk as a sinner and in an instant, Spirit and faith bring about a change in what kind of people we are going to be, in our own nature and towards others and with You.

The weather and the circumstances of life change continually and can be for better or worse. But the change You bring about in our nature and the living of our lives is for Good and is forever.

Though we may stumble along the way, You remain with us and we with You.

For You never change and if we will continue with You, You temper Your perfect justice and judgment with forgiveness and mercy.

You have given us and continue in Your faithfulness to provide us with every possible opportunity to succeed with You.

Such love is an enigma, never the less it is real.

Thank You Father, for the changing and unpredictable circumstances of life, our need for You to deal with them and that You Father, are unchanging, steady, a Rock we are anchored into in the midst of all that goes on around us.

How great Thou art.

In Yeshua’s most wonderful name we pray,


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