Minchah Prayer 02-28-18

Good morning Father.

What a beautiful day it is. I haven’t even looked out the open window yet but I can feel the cool morning air and hear the sounds of Your creatures already active outside, engaged in their daily routines. I can visualize them flying from branch to branch, others chasing about in those same trees and small ones on the ground making their way through a forest made up of blades of grass. Each living their lives in harmony with Your design.

And all of the rest of Your created world from the living creatures to the planet to the celestial bodies, they are birthed and live within the framework of the laws and rulings, the system You have put in place and has worked since the moment You spoke it so.

And each has its beauty and wonder, its function and its relationship to every other thing and one around them. What a marvelous and awesome gift before us each day to wake to.

Father, life is in motion all around us continually all the time, there is no pause and we miss so much when all we look at and see are the creations, pursuits, and trappings of man.

Wake us from the sleep of the night and the sleep of the heart, wake our sleeping spirits, Father to sense the living that is going on physically, that You have created, and may that bring the gaze of our spirit to You, stimulate, also our spiritual eyes and ears and bodies with the cool refreshing air of Your Spirit, the sound of Your voice in the Word You have given, the beauty and order, faithfulness and calming peace in which we can move companioned with You and with each other.

Father, speak to us and show us what You want us to do this day. Open our eyes to the tasks that need doing, prick our hearts with desire to do so, equip us to do them in body and spirit, in a way that is to Your pleasure. May we become stronger in the doings and through the continuing exercise of them become more and more like You.

May we live with each other, see in each other and be seen, living in harmony with the design and purpose You envisioned and created and have made a way, given direction and help to achieve.

May we give up to sleep grudgingly and wake to the dawn of each new day quickly and with eagerness.

What gift, what blessing, will You work through us today Father?

Form in us genuine hearts and minds toward that end…Father please.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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