Minchah Prayer 02-21-18

Father… we need You.

Is “need”, even the right word? Father does it only describe part of our condition?

The blind and the discerning eye both, see creation, all of its vastness and intricacies, all of its beauty and order, in its intertwining a form of oneness.

We want to know how and in our hearts we know there is a Who. And we want to find and know that One.

How can we have a “wanting” for something that doesn’t exist, Father?

You make Yourself known to those that seek.

Now we have Who we want and it explains so much about how things are, how they got to be the way they are and why, and where we are headed and how to get there.

Your ways are not the world’s ways Father. We suffer the pain of withdrawal from our former ways to Your Ways.

We don’t always understand correctly, we slip and fall, we doubt and question, we try to find a way that is easier.

Father, the enemy is waiting and watching and attacks in our weakest moments, in our unguarded moments.

And now the One who we wanted is the One who we need.

We need You Father.

We needed You for belief and faith.

And we need you for trust, for direction that comes from the knowledge and understanding You provide.

We need You for the power to live out and defend Your Great Name, to endure trials and testings.

We need You in order to have a clear conscious, confidence in the midst of the trials and testings, something only You can provide that will enable us to have a spirit of peace, hope that gives joy, which will last beyond the events that are temporal even though they seem at times, to be overwhelming.

We need Your provision without which we cannot please You, love You, in the way You desire.

We want You and we need You Abba, Father.

Thank You for loving us and providing a Way and for walking with us in that Way.

May we be successful in glorifying You, Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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