Minchah Prayer 02-17-21

There is today and now and as we look out the door to the day may we walk it as if our eternal salvation depended on every thought, every word, every action today.

It does, doesn’t it Father…May we not follow the folly of men through the ages and live as if we have time to make up for mistakes as if a certain number of mistakes can be made and be balanced by some number of goods to be done at some point along the way.

Make us aware of our fallibilities and of the life we have, being in Your hands, and may we have a healthy fear of doing anything that would displease You to the point of anger. Better that I live in mortal fear of Your displeasure Father if it will save me from being found wanting on the scales of judgment.

I pray that now and may it not be an empty prayer that feels good to speak, spoken to make myself feel good, soothe Your ire,  and everything be ok again, deceiving myself that because every day is just as before, accountability and consequence has been forgiven… Dear Father.

May it be a prayer of one mindful that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a righteous and just God.

But may it, as well, be the prayer of one whose mind You open to realize and know You are beautiful and good and strong to love if I will but will… and from who You win a heart of love and a desire and a will… an unrelenting, persistent, unashamed… willing to deny self… and glorify You… will…… to pursue You and Your ways to the exclusion of selfish gratification Father, though even You slay Your child, yet still willing to serve You, willingly, eagerly, greatly honored… to offer You all.

That kind of love Father is impossible in and of myself so please Master form it in my breast… that heart only You can fashion. 

We aspire to greatness, to perfection Father, that is a likeness to Yours, knowing we all fall short along the way but failings though there will be… it is not over till it is over and until that time… You are willing to be faithful…to chastise and forgive, fashion and form and test and deliver and accompany those to the gates of paradise and communion with You, face to face, who accept Your rebuke and Your instruction and Your will, willingly and gratefully.

Have mercy Father.

And may we extend to others the same mercy we would want from You for ourselves.

In Yeshua’s name we pray to You …Mighty One…Priceless, Perfect, Pearl…


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