Minchah Prayer 02-14-18

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of.

When we say those words it’s like talking at the table about someone with one another… when that person is right there with us.

The earth is Yours… Father… and the fullness there of.

We are not talking about You but to You.

It’s the difference between You being apart, distant and being close, present.

You are near. It is we who are distant.

We pause here, in the afternoon of the week.

We pause Heavenly Father.

We want to be quietly with You for a spell, moments of uninterrupted attentiveness You with us and we with You.

The focus of all our movements have been to address the matters of the days and it has gotten to the point that these are all we think about and direct our thoughts and actions toward.

We are getting out there on our own, by ourselves communing with everyone and everything, suddenly finding ourselves… by ourselves.

We begin to judge the importance of things by the world’s standards, access situations and outcomes from perspective of our own knowledge, our own imaginings, our own flawed understanding of success, failure and purpose.

Our actions and their outcomes become more important than the spirit and the kind of heart we have in the doing and in Whose presence we do them.

Isn’t the work merely an opportunity, to be with You doing things in a way that please You, demonstrate Your character and bless?

Isn’t it just a setting in which to walk with You… in the cool of the evening… the dawning of the morning… the heat of the day… and rest in Your care in the peacefulness of sleep?

We pause for a moment Father.

You are our treasure, and heart’s desire.

Take our hand again and walk with us the rest of the Way…please.

Thank You Father for Your companionship and Your powerful, overcoming, wonderful, peace, available in all situations.

What a wonderful gift.

What a wonderful opportunity.

May we daily grow stronger in it and closer to You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray Abba…Father,


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