Minchah Prayer 02-07-18

“Stay united with Me,… as I will with you…

I am the vine… and you are the branches…

Just as My Father has loved me,… I too have loved you;… so stay in my love…

I am giving you my Shalom.”

In the midst of all things Father… we give You praise, we say… ‘We love You Abba.’

And so we will not begin, or continue… in any thought or deed or spoken word on our own.

May the unity and intimacy we have with You bring about and forever keep in us Your Shalom.

With that peace in us we can face and deal with all life’s blessing and curse.

We go only if…and when…You be with us.

May our lives be a praise to You Father.

May our lives glorify You Abba.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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