Minchah Prayer 02-05-20

Father, may we use every heart beat and every breath You have given us for this day to live searching for and taking hold of the truths of Your Word and apply them to the way we conduct our lives.

Initially as we listen to our leaders and hear of how great we are and how we have done so much good, are limitless in our potential and ability to do all things we set our minds to…as we sit back and make an accounting of all those who are so much better off because of what we have done…and feel a sense of up lifting and satisfaction and goodness about ourselves,

then Father we ask that Your Spirit in us balance out that conception by reminding us that our solutions though well intentioned have flaws… and hardships… burdensome and unjust circumstances… still exist for many.

May that knowledge humble us Father, that all is not well, that in a divided family there is no harmony and that there is need to be united as family to work together to find a way,

Father, may the first thing we do together be to determine to look into Your Word and be in prayer to You for Your will, that this might be the starting point for us in any of our work. May that determination be fundamental and without it we not be willing to go on.

May we see ourselves and conduct ourselves as Your sons and daughters, as servants who love You and are well satisfied to be obedient to Your instructions for us.

“So then, let us pursue the things that make for shalom and mutual upbuilding.”

Please equip us with knowledge and accompanying wisdom in the use of it so that we live with one another helpfully, in harmony and peacefully, pleasing to You.

As we live our lives together, first in union with You, may it be we can say… the state of our union with one another is right and good and safe… Father we pray and that even better is yet to come.

We give You all glory and honor Father. You are the source of all that is good.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Romans 14:19 CJB

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