Minchah Prayer 02-03-21

Father, thank You for this new day.
Bless it please with a meal to eat, work to do, and people to be with.
Enable us to be grateful for troubles and failures, grant perseverance through them, may the reward be to grow and mature and achieve in spite of them.
Plant and germinate, grow in us, and bring to fruition… love of You, for one another, love that You embody and that like You… is eternal.
Help us to grow stronger in faith and trust of Your nearness… continually with us… giving us peace and confidence and an unconfused, clear mind through all the circumstances we are in the midst of.
May our first thoughts in trouble… be for Your counsel and strength… in blessing…gratitude and thanksgiving and praise.
May reliance on You be the wisdom in our lives.
May the safety of being in Your watch and keep drive away all fear.
Bless our sleep Father, that it brings true rest and renewed energy… waking again with a readiness and eager anticipation for the day ahead.
May that anticipation be good because whatever the day brings, whatever the task at hand or goal, You and Your rules for life are at the core, and in some way our labors will accomplish Your will and bring You glory.

Who Father… is like You?
How blessed we are…You love us so.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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