Minchah Prayer 01-31-18

Father, as we listen to our leaders and hear from them their reports on the state of our country we wonder if they are talking about the same nation.

On the one hand everything is going well and on the other hand so much is wrong.

The only thing they sound alike on is their praise of the people, how good, how hard working, how imaginative and brave and loving and kind and on and on, we are. We deserve so much more and can accomplish anything we set our minds and common will to. As great a nation as we are we can do all things for all people.

Why then Father, are we such a muddled mess?

We agree on the work that needs to be done yet there is no willingness to unify on behalf of the common good. Nothing gets done. And what does get done doesn’t leave us with a good feeling about how it got done. It takes longer than it should and in the end it is after argument, finger pointing, criticism, fault finding, manipulation and force…and who knows what else.

There is no harmony.

You gave us principles, laws and rulings long ago, created the universe by them.

These demonstrate Your nature and character and by them we can learn who You are, come to know You and draw near to You, be like you.

By them we have justice and mercy, forgiveness, loving kindness and respect for one another. We have fairness and responsibility, faithfulness, practice of good stewardship.

By them we are our brother’s keeper and by them You teach how to do that.

By them we love and demonstrate our love for You and our neighbors.

They are sufficient, adequate for all.

And by them we know we cannot be them without You.

Father, we thank You for Your Way of faith.

We pray that we grow in the gift of faith You have given us and trust in You and Your ways.

We pray that the seed of Your Way planted in our hearts will bring about a new heart after Your character and nature as it takes root deeper and deeper in us.

As we grow in Your image may the fruits in our lives be a blessing to those around us and may You be pleased.

May our leaders see and reflect in their words and actions the character of the people and God they serve.

Where there are those that don’t believe and trust may they be drawn to You.

And may it be that as the nuts and bolts of crafting government and law of the land are worked out, You prove again that for those who trust and obey, little will not result in want and too much will not result in excess. All then will indeed be served and provided for.

And You will be glorified.

May You be lifted up, Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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