Minchah Prayer 01-29-20

Father, on waking to a new day bring to mind the one with whom we are in covenant, our mate, in this life.

As we lie there may what comes to remembrance include the beginning, that time when we were captivated by one another, arranged our daily plans and schedules to daily include one another, that we might see each other, hear each other, spend time with one another.

Bring to mind our joy at that time of the exclusivity of the relationship a relationship of intimacy to be engaged in by just “we two”, of the trust we had in one another, the peace we enjoyed knowing that we were regarded as valuable, desirable in the other’s eyes.

Remind us of how it was our desire to please one another and that we did things to bring a smile, cause laughter, to make happy.

Before opening our eyes, cause us to be still for a moment to sense the warmth, hear the breathing of the one next to us, the one who walks by our side in the day and lies willingly close in the night.

May we remember how we dreamed and planned and worked together in the beginning, how there was purpose and goals for life.

May we remember how one consoled and encouraged and counseled, put themselves aside for the sake of the other… to support, to build up and how when situations were reversed the giver could then be the recipient of such blessing.

Bring to mind how important it was and gratifying as well to be able to talk to our mate in trusted confidence, the one who was always truthful and truthful out of love and who had…only the best for us in mind.

May we remember who when we acted badly, hurtfully, neglectfully, taking them for granted, may we remember the willingness to forgive and the relief that we were.

Remind us that that forgiveness is… will always be… needed and required and for the sake of the way things started… that forgiveness should be valued when received and freely given when asked for.

Remind us Father of the beginning and how these aren’t things that have passed away but remain and are to be built upon.

Remind us Father… and may those remembrances keep new and permanent, in our minds and hearts, the love we have for that mate with whom we chose to be one.

We pray to You and believe and trust in You for the desire and strength and wisdom and will to love and love faithfully and truly, our mate.

Father…be with us.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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