Minchah Prayer 01-22-20

Father, You love us. It is a reality that we just know is true. In our spirits we can sense it.

And there is comfort in that, a sense of having worth, of belonging to and being cared for. We do not have to fear we have no value.

Teach us Your love and perfect it in us so that we can effect, the same affect, on those around us.

We ask it of You because we are flawed and we cannot do it on our own but just as You are…and Your Son is…so also we want to be… in this world towards our fellow human beings… all those others who like us… You love and desire as well.

Bring to perfection in us a spirit of hospitableness and friendliness, of mutual respect… in us a genuine interest in others.

May it truly be so. May they sense we really do mean it.

May the many “mays” we speak be out of love for You and an absolutely true desire to “perfectly obey Your will.”

And may it be a witness that it is from You that all this is possible and it is from You that it all comes.

Father, today everyone travels. Some a short way and some a long way.

We pray Father, for safety in their travels, that they go in a spirit of oneness with You and that in those travels and the purposes for them, they, we, would carry, represent Your Name well.

To You be all honor and glory Father, we humbly and in love, pray to You.

In Yeshua’s name, Father, we pray,


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