Minchah Prayer 01-08-20

“Whoever offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors me;

and to him who goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.”

You have given us Your “right way” to obey and live by and we are thankful Father, truly thankful to You because it speaks of Your love for us and enables us to honor You in a way, in the way… You want.

May Your word be engraved on our hearts so that we no longer act wickedly, so that we don’t proclaim Your laws or speak about being in covenant with You on the one hand but resent being instructed, disregard, misapply Your instructions, on the other.

May Your same Word of Truth, that we use to scrutinized others, may we use it to scrutinize our own thoughts and words and actions as well.

May we not use Your standards of love and goodness, of selflessness and self sacrifice to criticize others because we have jealousy or envy in our hearts towards them, and it makes us feel better somehow about our own short comings or sense of inadequacy.

May we give acknowledgment and praise to the truthful words, the right actions of others even if those others are ones we find ourselves often at odds with, are people we don’t like, or when it might mean that we have to swallow our pride, rebuke the envy, the jealousy, to do so.

May we be gracious towards all others in the same way You are gracious toward us Father… we pray.

May that graciousness towards one another grow into strong love for one another.

In the spirit of love for one another may Your people work together for common good.

May our actions be visible to all who look on and may they be drawn to and give honor to, the One from whom it comes.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Psalm 50:23 CJB

Thoughts taken from Psalm 50:16-20 CJB

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