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Minchah Prayer 08-29-18

Father, as we awake out of sleep may the first greeting we offer today be to You.

Before arising, may our first act be to remain quiet and wait for You… to place in our mind the first thoughts of the day.
May our purpose be to begin, with an awareness of Your nearness.
As we quietly and unhurriedly begin our prayer, may it be with an offering of praise to You, honor, a caress of heartfelt love.
As a face or voice or name comes to mind, as a condition or circumstance appears Father, we desire to intercede rightly on their behalf, we pray to be in Your will, for You are God. We trust You. No matter how it appears… we trust You.
May our prayers come from a heart that cares, truly cares for the treasures You have created, all Your created ones, for they are… we are… Yours.
May our prayers be exercise that develops and strengthens love for one another.
Form and perfect in us hearts that are so.
Encourage and lift us up when we fall short.
Father, may our prayers release and send out spirits of calm, of peacefulness, of renewed confidence and hope, of acceptance, praise and thanksgiving.
May our prayers bring a sense of closeness, that they, nor we, are not alone.
May our prayers move You to bring about healing of body and spirit.
May our prayers be one of many ways to commune with You and love one another.
Father… You are the wonderful one…
In Yeshua’s name we pray,

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