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Minchah Prayer 05-30-2018

Father, as we start this new day and continue through this week we thank You that we have You to talk to. You listen as we bend Your ear with the things that are going on in our lives, concerns we have regarding our own personal issues, concerns about what others, loved ones, friends and those beyond these, are having to deal with in their lives.

You listen as we remember and are moved to give You thanksgiving and praise for the unmerited love You have of us and Your desire to bring us close to You and that You have already made a way for that to happen.

You are so patient to bear with us as we walk this path with You, stumbling at times, in the midst of doing wrong unintentionally, at times intentionally. But we try again and You are there to make possible with us what we cannot on our own.

You are so gracious.

We can pray those things because we have chosen to trust in You and You are working in our lives to bring about a new nature that makes us like You. To be like You is what we want.

Father, thank You that You forgive.

May we become just like You in this way.

We all fall short but falling short in pursuit of Good should not bring us contempt, sorrow maybe, disappointment maybe, but not contempt and condemning.

Father, enable us, enable everyone, to see and learn the truths You teach in the failures as well as the successes we experience and those we see in others.

Father may we become forgivers, just as You are, not reject You because of the shortcomings of mortal men, and remain helpers, not condemners, of our fellow human beings.

You are so awesome, a great and mighty and wonderful Father, worthy of all our praise, of all honor and glory. That never changes no matter what we do.

Father may we all become one with one another in our walk with You, with our eyes on You alone.

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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