Month: כ״ז בטבת ה׳תש״פ (January 24, 2020)

There Is A Scripture 01-24-20


A lot of our theology is learned from the hymns we sing, a good reason to listen to the words of those songs, and if not theology, then words of experience for walking successfully with our Redeemer and the One who sent Him.

The other morning my wife and I were talking about marriages that are long lived, because of, one particular couple who are celebrating sixty-eight years, this year.

Well my wife sang a verse from an old hymn that some of us old grey hairs may not have sung in a while.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Look full in His wonderful face.

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

in the light of His glory and grace.”

This was a song written by Helen Howarth Lemmel in 1918 and was inspired by writing within a tract a friend of hers gave her entitled “Focused” and from the sound of that title one can imagine that “focus” is a requirement for success.

She (my wife) was of the mind that if those in a marriage keep their focus on one another and for whatever the reason they might, do not start looking around, then they won’t be tempted to stray. A favorite quote she uses from time to time is “Your heart don’t want, what your eyes don’t see.”

And when you keep your focus on one another with the full intention of loving one another, your mind enumerates and dwells on those things that you find good and beautiful and admirable about the other one. Your thoughts and plans and actions are made considering and including that other one, your focus upon your oneness. You are patiently true to one another and jealous for one another. You allow no room for intrusion or straying.

So then. How easy is that?

It’s easy…sometimes… and it’s hard…sometimes. For believers the new man is housed in the flesh and is influenced by it. But we have strength to overcome it if we keep focused and obedient, with a heart of love for our Father and a heart of love for one another.

Are we always successful? No.

But there is grace and forgiveness, truly, not for the purpose of permitting sin, but for the purpose of not being destroyed by it, if we turn away from it.

So concerning the subject of a “long” marriage, we who have…or haven’t accomplished this, in our love for those who are starting and in our certain assurance and trust in Your Word Oh God, we can say to the young ones:

“Drink the water from your own cistern,

fresh water from your own well….

…Let your fountain, the wife of your youth,

be blessed; find joy in her-

a lovely deer, a graceful fawn;

let her breasts satisfy you at all times,

always be infatuated with her love.” Proverbs 5:15,18-19 CJB.

Father, may we be true to one another in our marriages, for that matter Father, to be focused and faithful in all our dealings both with You and with one another.

In marriage Father, may we always look sharply and clearly in Your face and eyes, in the face and eyes of our beloved one, lovingly, jealous for, valuing and “protectingly”.

May You be glorified Our Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


Minchah Prayer 01-22-20


Father, You love us. It is a reality that we just know is true. In our spirits we can sense it.

And there is comfort in that, a sense of having worth, of belonging to and being cared for. We do not have to fear we have no value.

Teach us Your love and perfect it in us so that we can effect, the same affect, on those around us.

We ask it of You because we are flawed and we cannot do it on our own but just as You are…and Your Son is…so also we want to be… in this world towards our fellow human beings… all those others who like us… You love and desire as well.

Bring to perfection in us a spirit of hospitableness and friendliness, of mutual respect… in us a genuine interest in others.

May it truly be so. May they sense we really do mean it.

May the many “mays” we speak be out of love for You and an absolutely true desire to “perfectly obey Your will.”

And may it be a witness that it is from You that all this is possible and it is from You that it all comes.

Father, today everyone travels. Some a short way and some a long way.

We pray Father, for safety in their travels, that they go in a spirit of oneness with You and that in those travels and the purposes for them, they, we, would carry, represent Your Name well.

To You be all honor and glory Father, we humbly and in love, pray to You.

In Yeshua’s name, Father, we pray,


There Is A Scripture 01-17-20


“The creation waits eagerly for the sons of God to be revealed; for the creation was made subject to frustration—not willingly, but because of the one who subjected it. But it was given a reliable hope that it too would be set free from its bondage to decay and would enjoy the freedom accompanying the glory that God’s children will have. We know that until now, the whole creation has been groaning as with the pains of childbirth; and not only it, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we continue waiting eagerly to be made sons—that is, to have our whole bodies redeemed and set free. It was in this hope that we were saved.” Romans 8:19-24 CJB.

The hope we have and that Yahweh has for us, to be set free, redeemed and made new, creation, the earth, has as well as it longs for that time when it is no longer in bondage to decay but it too will be included in the freedom the children will have.

The other night there was a discussion about having a discussion related to climate change and how there is a perception among secular, and I suppose some “Christians” as well, that “Christians” in some way, are guilty of ignoring the problem.

So there was a comment about how a main question is really, are the changes that are taking place a direct result of man’s activities or are they a result of naturally ongoing climatic cycles? A strong answer is made that man has nothing to do with it. It is cyclical, these changes, and what’s happening is normal.

But I’m not so sure. We live in a spiritual world as well as this physical one and what goes on in one has an effect in the other. The health of our planet and its eventual demise is caused by physical events and alterations we make now but these events and alterations are an outcome of an act of disobedience on the part of man in the Garden. That act introduced sin and death to man and earth. Everything began to decay. And so the bodies our spirits inhabit and the world we live in experience decline in many different ways.

If we are studiers of the Word I don’t think we are having a woo woo moment if we think of the earth as an entity that groans and waits eagerly to be free of frustration, free from bondage to decay it is subject to, caused by those who were given dominion over it. I don’t think it is falsely spiritualizing it to say the earth knows it can’t save itself but has a hope and eagerly waits for all things to be made new. Yet it (the earth) has no choice. In between the hope and the realization it will experience the birth pains of that new creation that are also the pains of destruction. For creation it will be tumultuous turmoil, fires and earthquakes, floods and tornados, disease, drought, crop failures, the earth not able to yield up its strength to us, the earth falling apart towards the new that is coming. And many will help it along by polluting its air and waters, depleting the soil, altering entire landscapes, altering genetics, soaking the earth, defiling the land with the blood of innocent life. There will be no regard for the earth or a mindset to subdue it to its benefit as well as our own, live in harmony with it, protect it.

In all honesty how can it be any different? Whether well intentioned or ill, we will do what we do and make our way to the end and new beginning that has been determined and which we cannot control. Our actions along the way are what we can control regardless of what we know of the end. Treating the earth with respect and kindness and being good stewards of it is meaningful and important even if, in light of what we know about the future, it seems pointless.

We too, like creation, have been given a reliable hope to be set free from decay and for us to become children, sons of God, by the One who can do it and what a hope because we cannot save ourselves.

In between the hope and the realization is going to be pain and destruction. In the midst of our groaning though we do have the hope and eager anticipation for the good to come and in the waiting we can do good ourselves. We can have peace and joy starting now and relate to the psalmist when he says:

“My soul, why are you so downcast?

Why are you groaning inside me?

Hope in God, since I will praise Him again

for being my Savior and God.” Psalm 43:5 CJB

Father, we do praise You and thank You for being our Savior and our God… ours and all creation’s.

We thank You for the hope You have given us… and Your Way… and Your Spirit to safe guard and guide us along the Way.

Thank You that the travail of this life though real does not destroy our hope or steal our joy. Grow us stronger please, in our faith and trust that that travail will be an aid instead of an obstacle to union and intimacy with You.

Strengthen us please Father to seek after and follow good in this world simply because it is what You want and what pleases You and that is what fulfills us.

We love You Abba.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


Minchah Prayer 01-15-20


May it be Father, that each and every day,
we feel as though we have forgotten something,
feel as if there is something we need to do,
if we don’t first start in conversation with You.
May that behavior be born out of our love for You
And closeness to You,
the outcome of understanding that we are weak
And You are strong,
that You loved us first and do love us now.
Be with us Father…as we go.
In Yeshua’s name we pray,

Minchah Prayer 01-08-20


“Whoever offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors me;

and to him who goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.”

You have given us Your “right way” to obey and live by and we are thankful Father, truly thankful to You because it speaks of Your love for us and enables us to honor You in a way, in the way… You want.

May Your word be engraved on our hearts so that we no longer act wickedly, so that we don’t proclaim Your laws or speak about being in covenant with You on the one hand but resent being instructed, disregard, misapply Your instructions, on the other.

May Your same Word of Truth, that we use to scrutinized others, may we use it to scrutinize our own thoughts and words and actions as well.

May we not use Your standards of love and goodness, of selflessness and self sacrifice to criticize others because we have jealousy or envy in our hearts towards them, and it makes us feel better somehow about our own short comings or sense of inadequacy.

May we give acknowledgment and praise to the truthful words, the right actions of others even if those others are ones we find ourselves often at odds with, are people we don’t like, or when it might mean that we have to swallow our pride, rebuke the envy, the jealousy, to do so.

May we be gracious towards all others in the same way You are gracious toward us Father… we pray.

May that graciousness towards one another grow into strong love for one another.

In the spirit of love for one another may Your people work together for common good.

May our actions be visible to all who look on and may they be drawn to and give honor to, the One from whom it comes.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Psalm 50:23 CJB

Thoughts taken from Psalm 50:16-20 CJB

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