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What has happened to the Church? Is it Pagan or Hebrew?


By Roy B. Blizzard

Have you ever stopped and come to grips with how bad the spiritual situation is in the world today? It is frightening when we give ourselves to some serious thought and realize how far we have digressed from what was intended to our present state. We read of a united Church in the New Testament – a Church that was alive, dynamic, and moving out in a dimension of power and authority.

Today, however, we see over 400 warring Protestant denominations, Catholics, and many others who all use the same Bible as a foundation for their beliefs. Each one of these groups is calling out, “We have the way”...

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Coming February 1st and 2nd

 Rabbi Baruch will be at SOA Fellowship, Merritt Island, FL

Teaching a 4 part series on the Book of Job

Teaching begins at 7 p.m. Wed. Feb 1 and Thur. Feb 2








       Weekly Teaching Schedule

Tom Bradford currently teaching:

Sunday - 9 AM -  The Book of Romans Sunday - 10:30 AM - The Book of Exodus   Saturday- 6:30PM - Gary Lambert  Topical Studies  - New to Hebrew Roots  - "What is Shabbat?" and more also on video  

New  Lesson    Tom's current study:    The Book of Romans  Lesson 7  ch.2 cont.    on audio or video. Search under New Testament tab above.

Rabbi Baruch's current teaching: Chapter 6  Book of John 

Podcast Torah Class Lessons                Torah Class ~  all archived lessons from Genesis to Judges.                                                                       Torah Class Two  ~ archived lessons from 1 Samuel to the Book of Nehemiah and Old Testament Survey .                                                                            Torah Class Three New weekly lessons beginning with the Book of Acts.  You must subscribe for each of these. 

 The Journey Through the Torah Class Series ebooks are also available in spiral bound, printed book form -                 Textbooks $29.99 /Study Guides $19.99  






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